Recognizing the people who have our backs



“Nobody Goes It Alone” Campaign Toolkit

Nearly a third of the US population is considered “low-income” or “poor.” The myths that people succeed solely through hard work and determination and that low-income people are just not trying hard enough are pervasive.  When we stop and reflect on our lives, we quickly realize that we all need help - a dedicated teacher or mentor, a supportive parent, a subsidized small business loan, a job reference, a babysitter, government assistance, … We need financial resources, a supportive social network, and the confidence that we can overcome life’s big and small challenges. This realization can shift attitudes in the dialogue about poverty in the US and help to innovate policies, systems, and models for addressing poverty in a human-centered way.

That’s why we created the “Nobody Goes It Alone” campaign with the goal of getting people to acknowledge the support they receive in their lives, empathize with the millions of Americans who do not, and start a dialogue around poverty.

The following materials can help you create your own campaign:

“Nobody Goes It Alone” Video

Feel free to brand the video and share it widely through your marketing and communications channels. You can add context and make a clear ask at the end.  



Customizable Print and Web Template

The templates allow people to give thanks for the support they’ve received.

This project was created as part of Re3StoryHack in NYC, October 5-6, 2013 with the goal of helping to reframe the discussion on poverty.   Produced by William Zoe Fitzgerald, Sarah-Marie Hopf, Jeff Jones, Jeremy Peterson